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Nonprofit/Organization Fundraisers

The Proof is in the Numbers. 

Why should you work with an event planner?

Let's face it. When you need to do fundraising for your organization, an event planner is not the first person you think to ask. 

There are common misconceptions when you think of working with an event planner, such as it is going to be expensive and cut into your profits. 

I can promise you, you will feel relieved and happy you decided to work with me. 

I handle the complicated parts such as online ticketing, management, and planning aspects. 

Let's have a conversation to see how I can help your organization. 

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I work with you to create high-profit, luxury fundraisers.

I give you your time back to focus on your other obligations.

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Ask Yourself?
Would you be happy to have a new income stream you did not have before?

My events have proven success. Let's chat!

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What's better than placing the stress of your nonprofit event on someone else? Let us take care of it. You are guaranteed to make money for your cause!

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